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Winter waxing tips and tricks.

FROZEN FOLLICLES – Using the best wax in the winter. Cold temperature often means low humidity which dries out skin. During the winter month’s people find their skin is rough, tightened, cracked or peeling due to dryness. Most clients like to push their waxing appointments for as long as they can in the winter months, […]

Natural vs Synthetic and using a premium wax

Are Vegan synthetic waxes with the latest formulations worth the extra cost  vs  cheaper generic waxes? As the UK distributor of Adam & Eve Wax we are often asked if we supply “natural” waxes. Although there is a trend for more natural products, this is not always the best option for your waxing clients. We […]

Summertime Waxing Tips and Tricks.

SUMMER WAXING TIPS WITH HOT AND STRIP WAX. During the summer months the requirements of our skin are very different than during the cold UK  winter. From our Adam & Eve wax international trainer here are some summertime waxing tips. When offering waxing treatments to your clients in the summer it pays to be aware […]