During the summer months the requirements of our skin are very different than during the cold UK  winter. From our Adam & Eve wax international trainer here are some summertime waxing tips.

When offering waxing treatments to your clients in the summer it pays to be aware of the contraindications that are more relevant on a Summers day in the salon.

  • Medical conditions such as MS cause heat intolerance.
  • Sensitivity to heat.
  • Medications that interfere with the regulation of body temperature.
  • Moisture being trapped under the skin due to high humidity.
  • Skin conditions that are affected by heat.
  • Common allergies associated with warmer weather cause the skin to be more sensitive.
  • Sun exposure, especially sunburn.


When your client comes in for their waxing treatment in summer they will be hot and possibly perspiring. Ask them to arrive 10 minutes before their appoiontment to allow them to have a cold drink of water and give them to time to cool down. Our waxes help as they operate at a lower temperature which helps with sensitivity to heat.
When waxing your client it is important that cooling fans or air conditioners are pointed away from the area you are waxing and not near or on the wax heaters as this will interfere with your wax application and temperature regulation.

Client consultation as we always stress is of utmost importance, conditions such as hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, fluid retention, and more can cause heat intolerance. Nasal decongestants and more common allergy medications can  inhibit the regulation of body temperature.

When wax is applied to skin that is overheated the chances of grazing and possible skin reaction are increased .
Apply our paraben free Lavender Blue Pre Wax to the area to cleanse, this will cool and calm the skin and perfectly prepare the area to be waxed.


When you are using hot wax on sensitive or intimate areas apply a light film of our pre wax oil, prior to application to create a protective barrier on the skin.
On very hot days it is best to choose one of our faster setting hot waxes made with synthetic resin. Angelic hot wax as an example sets up quickly, remains ultra pliable and the synthetic resin is less likely to cause sensitivity.

Our Coconut and Lime Oil is designed to set our synthetic hot waxes faster. As an example, when waxing with our Coconut and Lime or Lavender hot wax, apply a fine mist of the oil (using a spray top) over the surface of the wax and immediately press down.

Another way to set the wax faster is to apply a small amount of Coconut & Lime Pre and After Wax Oil to your gloved hand (opposite hand you apply the wax with) Apply your chosenhot wax to the area and immediately run your gloved hand with the oil on, over the surface of the wax and press down.


When you are using Strip wax in hot weather it is important you do not apply the wax to skin that is perspiring, this can cause the wax to stick on the skin or graze the client when removed.

Always ensure a thin application of wax onto the area to be waxed and when removing strip wax do not allow too much wax build up. If you allow this build up on a waxing strip there is a chance of grazing or the clients skin lifting.

At the end of the waxing treatment use effleurage movements to apply one of our after wax lotions. This will help calm and protect the skin.
When waxing larger areas advise your client in summer it is better to wear cotton garments after waxing..

It is very important to stress that your clients should avoid exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours.

We hope you have enjoyed our summertime waxing tips – look out for our winter tips for waxing which we will post when the colder days are getting nearer!

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